Our intention

To provide you with financial solutions for your lending needs. Whether you are looking for a loan or mortgage, our knowledgeable and experienced team will explain our lending options to you in a straightforward manner.

Our loan personnel will review your loan application and respond within a few days. If eligible, within a period of only 5 working days or less you will have your solution!
Our goal is to to serve you to grow together!

Our loan products include

  • Business loans

A business loan provides adequate amount of capital to fund  startup expenses or pay for expansions.

  • Mortgage

A mortgage loan is used either by purchasers of real property to raise funds to buy real estate, or alternatively by existing property owners to raise funds for any purpose, while putting a lien on the property being mortgaged.

  • Remodeling loans

Home owners take out a construction or renovation loan, which entails refinancing with a mortgage that reflects the house’s estimated value post- remodel to pay for large remodeling projects such as this.

  • Emergency loans

These are loans supposed to satisfy people’s financial urgent need. Borrowers are supposed to pay off the debt within a period of less than a year.

  • Group loans

Small groups borrow collectively and group members encourage one another to repay.

  • Personal loans/ Signature loans/ Consumer loans

Unsecured loans advanced on the basis of the borrower’s credit history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is usually through fixed amount installments over a fixed term.

  • School fees loans

This is a personal short term school fees loan to finance expenditure related to customer’s educational study, including but not limited to;
Tuition and scholastic materials.

  • Civil servant loans

A facility which has been specially developed to meet the financial needs of all civil servants. All civil servant loans are subjected to a loan appraisal process. Read more about this

  • Agricultural loans

These are farm operating loans.

  • Development loans

A loan used to develop real property, which includes not just construction of the improvements, but also excavation work, infrastructure such as storm sewers and roads, and the holding costs of the property until such time as it can be sold or can support fully amortizing permanent financing.

The details of every loan terms and conditions will be thoroughly explained by our knowledgeable lending team at our offices